J.W. O’Donovan is a member of Advoc, the International network of independent law firms with members throughout the world. Through the Advoc network, J.W. O’Donovan LLP has immediate and direct access to expert legal advice on the laws of other jurisdictions. The firm also provides legal advice and representation in Ireland for clients of other Advoc members.

Each member of Advoc is a known and respected law firm in its region which has agreed to respond immediately to the needs of clients of other member firms. They have detailed information on the experience and specialist knowledge of all fellow members as firms are selected and invited to join Advoc because of their wide experience of commercial work in their own region.

Following introduction, clients may choose to work directly with the foreign member of Advoc or, alternatively, the client’s original firm may act as co-ordinator and correspondent on behalf of the client. This is particularly valuable if work is to take place in several countries simultaneously.

A minimum of two meetings are held each year by Advoc Europe – an annual general meeting and conference in the spring, as well as an open board meeting in the autumn. At these meetings, Advoc members meet to discuss matters of shared interest and to develop their relationship and methods for providing services to their respective clients.