Focus Ireland Shine a Light Night 2021

On Friday 15th October, Jerome O’Sullivan  and John Fuller (Team JWOD) will be leaving the comfort of our beds for one night to sleep-out on Spike Island on Shine a Light Night to support people experiencing homelessness and raise vital funds for Focus Ireland. Whilst you are tucked up in bed, we will be sleeping on cardboard battling Ireland’s cold and possibly wet weather with just a sleeping bag and a cup of soup.

While we are all hopeful that the worst effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are behind us, it has been a particularly challenging period for the many men, women, families and children who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Focus Ireland relies heavily on support from business leaders on Shine a Light Night to raise vital funds for their work, and we need to support them now more than ever.

There are over 8,132 people homeless in Ireland and 1 in 3 of those is a child. We have signed up to take part in the sleep-out so we as individuals and J W O’Donovan can play our part in helping Focus Ireland provide vital prevention services and change people’s lives.

Focus Ireland believe that homelessness can be ended; they work to break the cycle of homelessness by giving people access to information, housing, childcare and a range of education services throughout Dublin, Cork, Kilkenny, Limerick, Sligo, Waterford, Clare and Wexford.

As a valued client we are now asking for your help. You can help to end and prevent homelessness in Ireland by sponsoring me to take part in the virtual sleep-out. We have committed to raise €5,000 by 15th October, so please demonstrate your solidarity by sponsoring Team JWOD today.

To sponsor us, go to our fundraising page or send a cheque to us made payable to ‘Focus Ireland’.

Please give what you can as every donation is greatly appreciated; together we can help to change the homeless landscape across Ireland and be a part of the difference in people’s lives.