Professional Wellbeing Charter

J.W. O`Donovan LLP is proud to announce that we have become a signatory to the Law Society of Ireland Professional Well Being Charter. The Charter is aimed at improving the mental health and wellbeing of employees by eliminating unnecessary workplace stress through improved working practices.

The focus on mental health has increased in the workplace over the past few years and as the Covid- 19 pandemic continues to take its toll, employees are facing greater mental health challenges. Employees have had to adapt to working from home, video conferencing and similar technology instead of face-to-face contact. While use of these tools has allowed employees to maintain productivity and engagement levels, remote working for some may have resulted in longer working hours and an inability for employees to “switch off”.

As signatories to the Charter, we are committed to ensure that policies, procedures and processes are in place that safeguard employee mental health and work to reduce stigma associated with mental health in the workplace. We are also committed to raising awareness of the challenges and championing behaviours, skills and practices which promote and enable professional well-being at all levels and across all roles, in our workplace.

For more information, the Professional Well Being Charter may be viewed on the Law Society of Ireland website.